21 April 2014

Eshaness in the mist

Welcome to Northmavine sign Welcome to Northmavine sign Early morning mist reminded me of a day out last summer when we had so many days of mist. Much of the television series, "Shetland", was filmed then. Another series has been commissioned; I hope we will see more Shetland knitwear worn by the actors. 

In spite of the mist, in July I enjoyed a day in Northmavine, the northern part of Shetland's Mainland, which is always a favourite place to visit. My father's family lived in that area, at Orbister, until he was a teenager. It's an area I have visited throughout my life, as a child we went to visit relatives at Hamar. It was a long journey over miles of untarred roads and frequent stopping to open and close gates. One of my aunts lived in Eshaness where she was the teacher until the school closed in the 1970s. My brother spent holidays in Eshaness and remembers going with his cousins to climb the cliffs near the lighthouse. I suspect none of the parents knew this.

some of the cliffs at Eshaness some of the cliffs at Eshaness

In Eshaness we encountered a number of people who were probably on one of the specialist holidays you can enjoy in Shetland, or maybe they were at Shetland Nature Festival. There were many pairs of binoculars and lots of photographic equiment, and the photos clearly show the need for having several layers of clothing when holidaying in Shetland. There was no wind that day but the mist meant it was quite cool. 

near Eshaness lighthouse near Eshaness lighthouse

photographers at work - or play photographers at work - or play

Looking at the birds nesting on the cliffs Looking at the birds nesting on the cliffs

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