Published: 01 January 1970

Film editing

"The Art of Fair Isle knitting with Shetland's Hazel Tindall" - a film which shows me explaining the process, and knitting, of a Fair Isle cardigan - is two steps nearer release. 

Elizabeth Johnston is the technical adviser; she has wide experience of instructing in knitting, as well as spinning and dyeing. I had consulted her about the initial idea, and the plan for what would need to be filmed and explained in detail. Careful planning and preparation were needed to condense about 40 hours of knitting time to a watchable length of film. Once the filming was done by Dave and JJ from D J Film & Sound, it was edited and I saw an early version. Following my feedback it was edited again and shared with Elizabeth. Last week, when Elizabeth and I met with Dave for the final edit, Elizabeth had watched the film several times and knew exactly which pieces needed to be scrutinised. Nevertheless we watched the whole film.

Elizabeth said something would have to be re-done only once - that was a relief - when we reached the part where I put the cardigan on to a jumper board to dry. I was not happy with that part either so it was good to get her unequivocal opinion. Lack of a big enough space indoors meant it had to be filmed outside but it was a very windy day and, even at the most sheltered side of the house, it was difficult, and against a distracting background. On Friday, with the sun shining and little wind, that short section was re-filmed; this time the background noise was chirping of birds rather than the noise of strong wind.

It's good to know we are at the final stages.

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