Published: 11 October 2018

Camshious, a favourite jumper

Camshious Camshious Camshious is the name I gave this jumper.

This week I watched Fruity Knitting's Episode 63 and noticed they included a little clip of me wearing this jumper, from my interview with Andrea in an earlier episode. The jumper always catches the eye, not least because of the 'squint' neck, so I thought a little blog might be of interest.

This jumper is full of memories for me. I had been asked to meet some visiting journalists and realised I had nothing "on da wires" so I started a sleeve, worked up from the cuff, so I had a few inches of sleeve to work on. The interviewees were early and the journalists were late; I have a memory of standing outside Shetland Designer's studio in Cunningsburgh, chatting and admiring the view. The sleeves have a dark background. I am not sure now why I chose to knit the body with a white background; perhaps because I had a lot of old white yarn to use. The yarn seems softer and thicker than you can buy now. I wore it a lot when looking after and visiting young grandchildren and they loved to cuddle up when I was wearing it, enjoying the feel of the soft yarn on their cheeks and to stroke with their hands. I almost always wore it with either a pink or jade brooch so that was also something to be investigated by tiny hands. It has been worn a lot, mended rather poorly, has stains I can't remove, and is really not fit for public appearance any more. 

I name garments only if they are to be written as a pattern. I knitted this twice, lowering the neckline and adding side shaping to the second one, and so that I could keep track of yarn amounts. In preparation for the pattern writing, I had photos taken before it left for a new life in New Zealand. The half written pattern is waiting for me to finish writing it, but that's true of a few of my bigger projects. Writing takes at least as long as knitting, and there's always something new and more interesting to knit. Sometimes sitting in front of the computer is the last thing I want to do. Maybe reaction to this blog will help me decide whether to finish writing instructions.


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