14 May 2013

RNLI benefits from craft work by Sheila & Ron Blackman

It's many years since Sheila and Ron Blackman left Shetland but they have never forgot living here and regularly send hand crafted items to Aith Lifeboat to be used to raise funds for the RNLI. Usually it's been one big item but this year it's a huge collection of hats, scarves, notepads, bags, wall hangings, cushion covers. I am bound to have missed some out. I was invited to take a look at these - what a feast for the eyes - too many to photograph, especially as they were safely protected inside plastic bags.

These photos give a taste of the variety of craftwork Sheila and Ron have created.

Visit Aith Lifeboat Station before 31 August 2013 to see most of these items.

there's a butterfly somewhere on every piece there's a butterfly somewhere on every piece

embroidered hand made bowl embroidered hand made bowl   hand made bag hand made bag bag with beautiful buttons bag with beautiful buttons embroidered bag embroidered bag

Wall hanging Wall hanging applique and embroidery applique and embroidery the butterfly is inside the front cover the butterfly is inside the front cover miniature pieces miniature pieces

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