Published: 31 December 2014

The last days of 2013

2013 is nearly over and my resolution for 2014 is to blog again. Over the past months the motivation to write blogs vanished. I have however thought about it and taken a lot of photos which will be shared here over time.

I'm starting with some photos of Shetland's winter landscape which is surprisingly colourful and something to be enjoyed whenever possible in the few hours of daylight at this time of year. The colours of the vegetation seem particularly bright this year; I guess all the recent rain helps keep the colours bright.

I have walked a lot over the last few months and always feel the benefit of being outside. Sometimes I forget my camera but in October I enjoyed walks on two especially sunny days. I love the effect of the sunshine on the middle distance hills.

The boats in the marina also give colour and this photo, taken at the end of October, was a particularly lovely day.

On 29 December, as I walked back down the hill at Weisdale I was fascinated by this changing sky. Just visible on the horizon is Fair Isle which lies south of Shetland's Mainland. This was the first day since 10 December the ferry was able to make the trip from Fair Isle to pick up fresh fruit and vegetables. Not many communities could manage for 19 days but those living in our remotest islands need to be prepared.

Looking westwards I watched as cloud cleared to reveal Foula.

I never tire of Shetland's landscape and always see something to make me stop and stare.

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Shetland is the most northerly group of Scottish islands. Apart from mainland Scotland, the other near neighbours are Norway to the east and the Faroe Islands to the north west.