Published: 08 September 2015

Taking the ferry to Shetland

Leaving Aberdeen harbour Leaving Aberdeen harbour People planning to come to Shetland for Wool Week are getting excited about the whole trip, and discussing their travel arrangements on the social media. It is good to read of friendships being formed before people get here as they make plans to meet. Some will fly to Shetland from Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Inverness or Kirkwall. Others will choose to come on the slower route, by Northlink ferry from Aberdeen.

On 6 September I travelled home by ferry - MV Hrossey - leaving Aberdeen in glorious sunshine. The ferry left at 5pm, stopping at Kirkwall in Orkney on the way north. The ferry does not always go via Orkney and a direct sailing to Lerwick leaves at 7pm. The sunshine and light wind encouraged many travellers to enjoy the fresh air on the open decks as the ferry slowly made its way out through the narrow entrance to the harbour. 

In the morning I took more photos as the mist lifted, and enjoyed watching the changing colours of the sky and sea. Lerwick harbour has two entrances, "da sooth mooth" and "da nort mooth". Usually the ferry comes into port through the wider south entrance but on 7 September Hrossey came through the narrower north mouth, giving different views of Bressay and Noss. Seeing Noss brought back memories of an afternoon walk there a good number of years ago. It was interesting to come into Lerwick this way and it gave passengers glimpses of seals which can almost always be seen around Shetland Catch, and it was the first time I'd seen the Bod of Gremista from the sea.

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About Shetland


Shetland is the most northerly group of Scottish islands. Apart from mainland Scotland, the other near neighbours are Norway to the east and the Faroe Islands to the north west.