Published: 22 April 2017

Spring 2017

This is one of the two cameras which will be used This is one of the two cameras which will be used Spring 2017, and the dates have been set for filming a second knitting instruction download/DVD. I have been working with Elizabeth Johnston, who will appear in this film with me (in the first one she was my adviser), to plan what needs to go in the film, and prepare the pieces needed to ensure no time is wasted on filming day. We are again working with professional film makers, JJ Jamieson and Dave Donaldson who will do the filming and editing. Getting to this stage has taken longer than I hoped, mainly due to a bout of shingles which has lasted much longer than I expected, and left me a little low on energy.

Our aim is to share 50 tips and techniques, including all a knitter needs to know to attain the perfect finish. Elizabeth and I have some experience of instruction, and have done some judging, so have gained some awareness of what we need to share. Whilst there are many books about knitting techniques there are some things which are impossible to explain in words and demonstrating is the only solution. In workshops it is sometimes necessary to demonstrate the same thing repeatedly to groups of two or three people to ensure they all see. The advantage of a film is that it can be re-wound, paused and watched as often as necessary.

The first film was made in a room in my house but the next one will be in JJ's studio which is bigger and has space for him to set up a monitor so we can see as we film. That will be good for it means we can adjust our hand positions so that we have the best views throughout the film. Whilst there JJ filmed my on-line entry for UK Hand Knitting's 100 stitch challenge to find the "Nation's Fastest Knitter", using one of the two cameras which will be used for the film.


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