Published: 11 October 2016

Haps at Ollaberry - 1

The nine days of Shetland Wool Week have passed and my camera rarely came out as it was so busy. 

On day one I made my way to Ollaberry where about 80 haps on display. It is great that so many haps have been valued to be stored and kept. No doubt there are many more which could have been displayed.

My aunt, Annie, knitted a lot of haps but they were quite plain - a simple lace edge, usually the old shell for the border and 'riggies' (garter stitch) in the middle. I never paid much attention to the finished haps, probably because she used to take them to her sister to be 'dressed' - stretched on a jumper board. Once the hap was dry it was probably folded and despatched to the buyer - she would not have shown it off so we could admire it first, and, although she had a camera, she would not have dreamt of taking photos of her knitting.

These are a few of the haps on display.

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