Published: 01 January 1970

Organic Native Shetland Wool

For my next knitting project I went to visit Uradale Farm to get some Organic Native Shetland Wool. I've not used organic yarn before, and I want to support all local producers.

Uradale farm signIt was a real struggle to decide whether to opt for natural colours or dyed colours. Undyed yarn is in jumper and lace weight and the dyed yarn is double knitting and chunky. Mixing the dyed and undyed yarns in one piece of knitting will not work. So for Fair Isle using dyed yarns, my choice was double knitting.

Uradale yarnsAs well as coming from organic sheep, the wool has been scoured and dyed using environmentally friendly processes. 

Dyeing of organic wool is a fairly recent venture so the colour range is limited, and the colours are reminiscent of the plants growing where the sheep graze.

I can't wait to see what I knit with these colours!

Uradale yarn colours

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