24 April 2013

Looking for Tadpoles at Da Gairdins

Path through the trees at Da Gairdins Path through the trees at Da Gairdins

Path through the trees Path through the trees

Shetland hasn't got too many trees but we are lucky to live near two wooded areas which we enjoy visiting. One of the good things about grandchildren is the chance to look at the world through their eyes. Our grandsons enjoyed a visit to Da Gairdins i Sand - also known as 'da jungle'.

In the densely wooded area the boys followed the path, always excited to reach the next turn.

The lower part of Da Gairdins has different paths and ponds. This is where we looked for tadpoles.


How tall? How tall? Standing among the tall plants was exciting too - it was a cold day and the boys had to borrow two of Grannie's hats.


Di Boatie Hoose Di Boatie Hoose The last attraction was "Di Boatie Hoose", a shelter made by Jim and Alan Moncrieff, which uses an old boat for a roof.

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