Published: 01 October 2014

Fine Shetland Wool

Harold Moffat is a neighbour and former work colleague who has built up quite a reputation as a breeder of sheep which produce really fine Shetland Wool. He has won many prizes for fleeces. It is good to know that his grandson, Morgan, also has a keen interest in maintaining a flock of high quality wool producing sheep.

One reason Harold's wool gains good marks from wool judges is the time he takes to ensure that the fleece is clean and well presented at the shows. I visited him recently to see how he selects the best fleeces and prepares them for showing. Now I understand why, after he encouraged my sister to enter one of her fleeces at the Walls Show, he was vexed that she had not taken the same care as he does for it was a good fleece but marked down as she had not removed any dirt.

The dates for Shetland Wool Week are set to coincide with Shetland Flock Book's accredited sale of native Shetland rams and ram lambs in early October. Early on Saturday, 4 October, visitors to Shetland Rural Centre in Lerwick will be able to see the rams and meet their breeders. There is also a competition to find the finest fleeces with prizes from Vi-Spring. I have little doubt that Harold, or someone his enthusiasm and knowledge has inspired, will be one of the winners. As well as the auction of rams and fleeces, Shetland Native Breed cattle will also be for sale in an on-line auction. 

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Shetland is the most northerly group of Scottish islands. Apart from mainland Scotland, the other near neighbours are Norway to the east and the Faroe Islands to the north west.