Published: 17 February 2014

Beach walk

boat heading out the voe boat heading out the voe As the weather was calm and fine a walk along the seashore beckoned, and someone else thought it was a fine day to take out their boat.

Apart from enjoying the fresh air it is also time to appreciate the winter colour, and thinking time as I pondered the next stage of a knitting design. It is also a time when I wish I could transfer words from my brain straight to my blog!

Over the last few weeks I've picked up a few "mermaid's purses" which are the eggcases of dogfish. They are fascinating to look at, touch and wonder at the magic of the natural world. Through Shetland Natural Heritage I heard about the "Great Eggcase Hunt" by The Shark Trust who are interested to know when and where eggcases have been found.

First to catch my eye was a heron I've noticed a few times lately and, of course, the best view I get is when I have forgotten to pick up the camera. It is very wary and flies off before I am anywhere near but I did get one photo.

Swans are easy to photograph as they glide elegantly near the shoreline. It is always good to see, and hear, the oystercatchers again. I also managed to photograph some ringed plovers. There would have been other birds I failed to see as their camouflage is so good.

There is also ample evidence of how our forebears disposed of unwanted items by throwing them into the sea. The pieces of a stove made me wonder who had owned it, how many people enjoyed the meals cooked on it, and who sat round the fire sharing the stories passed down through the generations. These pieces of debris now blend with the surroundings unlike the more modern brightly coloured plastic.

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