The Fine Art of Fair Isle Knitting - Download DVD

Hazel Tindall has been knitting for over 50 years. In that time she’s developed an efficient technique which has gained her the title of ‘The World’s Fastest Knitter’.

This 3 Hour instructional video follows Hazel as she knits a seamless Fair Isle cardigan (Shetland Star) from start to finish.

I’ve looked at many styles of knitting… the only technique I personally believe is worth pursuing is the one used by Hazel Tindall. I think she’s really the authority. She was born in Shetland: who better to rely on for the unmodified, non-idiosyncratic, classic technique? The proof is in her speed. It’s just the best method, period. I think it’s the easiest, too: that would make sense.

Robin Razzell

Hazel shares knitting tips and techniques such as -
• Casting On • Working Knit Stitch • Working Purl Stitch • Using steeks • Knitting with 2 colours • Using a knitting belt • Grafting • Using a jumper board
& lots more

The written pattern for Shetland Star can be found here.

The film is available as a double DVD from retailers in Shetland - The Shetland Times BookshopJamieson's of ShetlandJamieson & SmithShetland Museum and Archives

The finished cardigan See clear views of Hazel's technique
The Fine Art of Fair Isle Knitting

$35 US Dollars